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The Animaniacs Bible - The show evolved from this WBA document that details the beginning ideas for Animaniacs. See also Keeper's article Animaniacs: In The Beginning.


Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File (AMLF) - complete


Cultural References Guide for Animaniacs (CRGA) - eps 1-69 (complete)


New Animaniacs Cultural References Guide (NACRG) - eps 70-99 & "Wakko's Wish" (complete)


Animaniacs Episode List (AEL) - complete


Super Short Animaniacs Episode List (SSAEL) - complete


Animaniacs Handy Episode Manual (AHEM) - eps 1-97, some missing


Animaniacs Information Page (HTML combo of CRGA & others) - incomplete


Animaniacs Fan Purity Test (AFPT) - version 5.0


Animaniacs Code - version 2.3


Animaniacs Drinking Game - "Updated" Version - Another Version - Yet Another Version


Animaniacs Episode Transcriptions - these are all I've been able to find


Nifty Animaniacs Reference File (NARF)


Lost Animaniacs Clips: Takes Omitted, Scenes Excised (LACTOSE) - lists major changes to scripts, recordings and animation for episodes of Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain


AYPWIP? list


Transcripts of Dot's Poetry Corner (DPC)


Transcripts of Shakespeare Interpretations


Transcripts of Colin's Stories (Randy Beaman's friend)


Transcripts of Good Idea, Bad Idea (GIBI)


Transcripts of Mime Time


Animaniacs quote files here and here


Animaniacs Cast List - eps 1-69


Animaniacs Animation Studio List - eps 1-69


Animaniacs Character List - eps 1-50


Animaniacs Comics Kompendium (ACK) - Christmas 1994 issue through May 1997


Animania IV!


The Effects of Habitual Animaniacs Perusal (The EHAP)


Kellner And Things Incredibly Evil (KATIE)


Fast Guide to the Collected Animaniacs Daily Reviews (CADR) - eps 1-60


"Tiny Toon Adventures" References in Animaniacs


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