The Animaniacs! Drinking Game (ver 1.2.2)

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It might be inappropriate to author a drinking game which is based upon a children's show, but if the show were only meant for children, there would be no jokes about Magilla Gorilla. Besides, I simply can't see my eight-year-old sister sitting in front of the TV, swigging a bottle of Yukon Jack. If you're under 21, and you drink, shame on you! If you're over 21, and you drink, do you remember how much fun it was to drink when you were under 21?

I'm not an expert on A!. I scored a 123 (Runt) on the purity test, which isn't embarassing, but isn't bad considering I work 40 hours a week. Suggestions are welcomed, but nothing TOO nitpicky, please. Well, all that being said, here goes...


Rule Number 1: Any time any of the following conditions are met, the alloted number of drinks must be consumed.
Rule Number 2: If any player does not drink when a condition is met, he must drink double the alloted number of drinks.

The Conditions: (All conditions are one per scene unless otherwise stated.)


1 drink if....Yakko & Wakko say "Hello, Nurse!" (or any variation thereof),

2 if Dot says it as well,

3 if Dot says it alone.

From this point on, take one drink if

        ....any or all of the siblings pull their ears.

        ....a joke is told about Shirley MacLaine.

         ....a joke is told about a political figure, 2 if it's not Newt Gingrich.

         ....Batman or any Batman-related character is seen.

         ....Steven Spielberg is mentioned or seen.

         ....anyone begins a sentence with "Duuuh", 2 if it's Ralph.

         ....a joke is told about Disney,

                    2 if it's a joke about "Beauty and the Beast",

                    3 if it's a joke about "Bonkers".


....says "@@@@@hh..."

          ....says "(smack) Goodnight, everybody!"

          ....speaks in a language other than English.

          ....drools over a woman, 2 if it's Hello Nurse.

          ....directly addresses the audience.

          ....kisses someone.



          ....eats something, 2 if it's actually food.

          ....whacks something with a mallet.

          ....pulls something out of his Wacky Sack, 

                    1 extra if it's his mallet, 2 if it's an anvil.

          ....mentions his butt.

          ....mentions the bathroom.

          ....says "Faboo."

          ....makes a gookie.

          ....kisses someone.


....introduces herself as Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa

              Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca The Third.

          ....introduces, refers to, or identifies herself as "cute". 

                    2 if someone else does it.

          ....introduces someone to her pet.

 seen wearing a sleek evening dress. 2 if it's not red.

          ....kisses someone.


....blows something up.

          ....refers to one of her old cartoons, 2 if she watches it.

          ....mentions her irregularity.

          ....mentions the bathroom.

          ....mentions her digestive tract.

          ....directly addresses the audience.


....attempts to use hip slang such as "daddy-o","groovy",or "man".

          ....says "Spew!"          


....breaks into song.

          ....mentions humans. 2 if she refers to them negatively.

          ....eats something. 2 if it's not a fish.


....says "definitely."

Pinky (note: P&tB conditions are only effective in A!)

....uses one of his personal exclamations. 2 if it's "zort".

 seen wearing clothing. 3 if it's men's clothing.


....says "Ye-es!"

          ....hits Pinky with something.

          ....informs us of how much pain he's in.

The Goodfeathers

....are hit by a motor vehicle.

          ....fight with anybody. 2 if it's not among themselves.

          ....coo with the Girlfeathers.

          ....kiss the Godpigeon's feet.

Buttons hurt, hit, maimed, deformed, burned, shot, or electrocuted.

 pushed or falls off of a building, airplane, cliff, waterfall or rooftop.

 otherwise hurt as a result of chasing Mindy.


....says "Ok, I loveya, bye bye!"

          ....addresses her mom as "lady". 2 if she calles her dad "Mr. Man"

Hello Nurse


Special Rules

If any of the following characters are seen in a non-cameo role, 1 drink will be taken per character, per cartoon: Flavio and Maurita, Katie Ka-Boom, Randy Beamon's pal (Colin), Mime, Mr. Skullhead, Minerva Mink, and Newt.

Anyone that is caught visibly drooling over Minerva must finish their beer.

If no regular characters appear in a cartoon, (Brave Little Trailer, The Flame, Hollywoodchuck), drink one.

Plucky Duck (Baby Plucky)

If Baby Plucky is seen in ANY cartoon, the drink values for the rest of the cartoon, and the next two cartoons, are doubled. If Baby Plucky is seen again within the next three cartoons, drink 10, but do not increase the doubling length. Baby Plucky is exempt from the cameos chart.

Chicken Boo

If Chicken Boo is seen, no drinks will be taken. There will be no drinks taken for the rest of the cartoon, or the cartoon immediately following. Any drink-doubling created by Baby Plucky is negated. Throwing beer bottles at the television is optional.


Drink one when the Warners are seen in someone else's cartoon.

Drink two when someone else is seen in the Warners' cartoon.

Drink two if a Looney Tunes character makes a cameo.

Drink three if a Tiny Toons character makes a cameo.


Drink one if Elvis's picture hangs on a wall.

Drink two if Elvis is seen, but has no lines.

Drink three if Elvis is seen, and speaks.

Drink four if Elvis speaks, and tells everyone not to look for him.

Drink five if Elvis is pulled out of Wakko's Wacky Sack (see above).

Star Trek (note: The cartoon "Star Truck" is exempt from this chart)

Drink one if Star Trek is mentioned.

Drink one if Yakko acts like Captain Kirk.

Drink two if a Star Trek actor is seen as "himself".

Drink three if a Star Trek character is seen, but has no lines.

Drink four if a Star Trek character is seen, and speaks.

This rule sheet may be referred to during the game.

4/28/96- Version 1.2 by The Dolphin 

5/16/96- Version 1.2.2 by Mike Miller

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