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(Effects of Habitual Animaniacs Perusal)

Compiled by OdosBucket

Let's face it, we all watch too much Animaniacs. Many of us also read entirely too often. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this, but it can result in behavior which tempts the uninitiated to lock us up in mental asylums. However we, as fans, find this behavior quite amusing. Thus this document, the Effects of Habitual Animaniacs Perusal (EHAP), where we can laugh at each other's insanity, and, when someone tries to lock us up, we can grab this and say, "That's nothing! See what so-and-so did!"

And now, with no further ado...


*The only song you can think of begins 'It's time for Animaniacs....'
*Every third sentence in conversation is 'WHY?'
*You end every conversation with 'Okay, I love you, bye-bye'
*Every question begins with 'Are you pondering what I'm pondering...'
*You have an urge to burst into song whenever you see a cat (or dog)


*You find it impossible to walk down steps without saying "Boingy! Boingy! Boingy!"
*You wake up on Saturday morning at 9:46am and scream "ARGH! I've missed Animaniacs!" and then realise it's Wednesday. (Half-term at the moment).
*You feel a sudden urge to talk to the camera every so often.
*You feel a sudden urge to walk around with no trousers on.
Eeeerrr... Prehaps I should see a p-sycatrist...

--Ben Carter

Your wife's friend takes out your A! tape from the VCR and plays an AMWAY tape to try to sell the come home, find out, and become SO ENRAGED you throw your wife and all her friends out of the house for the night! (True story)...

--Don "If we get divorced I want the P&TB plushies" Speirs

When your astronomy instructor finishes naming the planets that were known in Tyco Brahes time, you blurt out, "You forgot Uranus!"


You see someone described in print as a wacko and you immediately shout, "That's *K*-K-O!"

-- Lara

Some co-workers point out that in your business correspondence, E-mail and documentation you consistently misspell "okkay".


OK, how 'bout....
*You answer the phone by saying "Hellooooo, Nurse!!", scaring away the people from Temple Beth-el-chevre-mish-mosh-whatever calling for your Catholic mother (or the nice ladies from St. Mary of the Infinite Heart convent and school calling for your Jewish father)
*All of your friends say that you're waaay too into cartoons: you reply "Let the anvils ring, sweetie!" and mime dropping one on him or her or whatever.
*You've written a major term paper on an idea you got from an Animaniacs episode.
*You sing Rita's songs in classes... and get compliments.


You go up to the survey ppl and ask them questions like "Do you like beans, do you like george wendt?"....and on and on and on and on and on *CLANG* and onnn.

--Justin Ray Mcelhanon

The local WBSS gallery manager asks you questions about the show.

--Rex Wheeler

You see an orange and black flyer on campus for a fraternity party entitled "Boo Bash" and your immediate thought is that they are going to sit around making fun of Chicken Boo! (And several minutes later when it finally hits you that it's a Halloween party, you promptly accuse the fraternity of being composed of giant chickens!)


You see a pigeon wandering around your car and greet it in an Italian accent...

--Lee Toop aka Thog, who scared himself with that one.

You greet EVERY woman you meet with "Helllloooooo, Nurse!" And I mean EVERY Woman, including the 2-star admiral visiting your ship.

--Don Speirs

When you go to work, bouncing, and saying "boingy boingy boingy," and make your supervisor your "special friend"

Of course, anvilling him would be better, But...
Mallets are more portable.

--Dan Merillat

You're listening to the original broadcast of Orson Well's War of the Worlds...... suddenly you picture a mouse in a bad hair piece and another mouse in a rubber glove, in yet another plot to rule the world........


You flick on the TV to join an ANIMX ep on Global in progress, just to see if it's a new one, and you instantly know both the ep title and number just by listening to a single line of dialogue before the picture tube warms up enough to let you see what you're listening to.

(I think I need a holiday...or a life...whichever costs less)


In your resume, under "Previous Job Description", you put down "P-Sychiatrist to 3 zany puppy children!"

--Marv Acme

You think, while straightening up the fat-free yogurts in the cooler at work, "Here, have a fat-free yogurt!" :^) )

--Jenn Scott

You see a sign for a city representative hoping to get elected, and think that if some people saw it, they might vote for the person because his name is Jess.


*You are in a p-sychology study on memory (making $8 an hour I might add) when one of the tasks in the series is: "Tell me as many words as you can in one minute that start with the letter F." You stumble over "frankincense."
*In a slide lecture section for a course on medieval history, dealing with the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Beckett's tomb, you hear: "The same scene is shown in the lower panel of the casket that once held the archbishop's mortal remains. Not all of them, however, because Canterbury kept giving pieces away to special friends." You figure the Warners must have taken a wrong turn at Sussex.

--Justin Massengale

You can no longer spell "okay" without conscious effort.


You've ever made Animaniacs references during sexual intimacy.


*You have a recipe for tuna wiggle
*You carry your A! tapes everywhere you go in case they have a VCR
*You can no longer speak for more than five minutes without making an A! reference
*You can think of at least five things to add to this list off of the top of your head, from your personal experience.



You almost voted for some guy named "Ron" who once, in a speech, said "I'm a keeper!" Oh, and one more thing: he must have weighed 125 lbs., at most.


You can't look at a turtle without wondering if it is the kinky variety.


*When in conversations and someone says A is B you immediately go into the no B is C, You're D etc, etc :)
*You start reading underlying meaning in EVERTHING
*You begin to understand and speak YUBA
*You can understand and speak wunna peeak
*You laugh hysterically whenever someone mentions the words rouge/rogue
*You know the POWER of the hat

--Justin Ray Mcelhanon

Your friends know all the a.t.a. regs by screenname, name, personality, and face (where possible) without ever having read a.t.a. or even having access to Internet.


You're trying to explain a problem at work to your boss, and you tell her that the copier harfed. (She had no idea what that meant.)


*You have aliases set up on your terminals at work (UNIX and VAX, eep!) for narf, harf, and ehap.
*You get bored at work and write a little C program that has Yakko, Wakko, and Dot heads floating around bumping into each other. My supervisor got the hint and found me something to do... :)


You keep calling your nephew "Brendan" when his name is actually Brandon.

-- Kane ... anyone else have this problem?


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