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Animaniacs Fanfics - Brought about due to the disappearance of Sylvester's fanfiction page, Larry Torrance has archived all of the stories and added ones that were not on the page... wow!


The Unoffical WB Club Fanfiction


Masem J. Mouse's Fanfics


Michael Dare's Fanfics


Suzanne Smiley's Fanfics


Suzanne Smiley's Animaniacs/Beatles Song Parodies


Fanfics at


David "Plato" Green's "Yakko's New World" - a/k/a More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Yakko's World


Kim Robarts's "You Are What You See"


Jaime Weinman's "How The Kellner Killed Freakazoid"


Jonathan Woodward's "Yakko's Internet"


David Green's "Answermaniac"


A couple of David Orozco's parodies


Jeff H's "Born to be Riled"


Parody about Freelance Animators, Ltd


Zillions Of Random Tunes (ZORT) - from December 1994, the file formerly known as the Animaniacs Parody Song File (APSF)... contains some raunchy material, but it was a document and does in fact have song parodies...


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