The Animaniacs IRC Dictionary
                              (The AID)
    This document contains words and abbreviations used in various 
     Animaniacs-related channels on IRC, a.t.a., and the Internet.

     The two main Animaniacs-related channels are #watertower and 
      #WarnerCafe.  They are both on WTnet (http://www.wtower.com/).


     Compiled by Nikka Warner with the help of many people--past, 
      present, and future.  This document is no longer updated.

                    Last updated November 21, 1999


A!          - "Animaniacs."

ack         - An expression of surprise, or of being squished.

Acme Labs   - Where Pinky and the Brain live.

AFAICT      - "As far as I can tell."

AFAIK       - "As far as I know."

AFK         - "Away from keyboard."

AIE!        - An exclamation of total shock, surprise, or 
            frustration, or it indicates that something is very scary 
            or evil.

Animaniacs  - A humorous cartoon show produced by WBA, carried on 
            various stations.  "Animaniacs" stars Yakko, Wakko, and 
            Dot Warner, and has many other characters in it.  For 
            much more information, go to the hundreds of fan sites on 
            the Internet... such as http://wbtower.ashyre.com/

Animx       - "Animaniacs."

AOP         - An "automatic operator" is a person who is 
            automatically op-ed by ChanServ when they enter the 
            channel.  How much a person can do with AOPs is decided 
            by the Channel Founder.  An AOP is less powerful than a 

arg, argh   - An expression of frustration.

Artemis     - A verbalization of RTMS, "Related To Masem Somehow."

ATA         - See "a.t.a."

a.t.a       - "alt.tv.animaniacs," the newsgroup for "Animaniacs."

a.t.a.p-b   - "alt.tv.animaniacs.pinky-brain," the newsgroup for 
            "Pinky and The Brain."

a.t.f       - "alt.tv.freakazoid," the newsgroup for "Freakazoid!"

ATM         - "At the moment."

a.t.t-t     - "alt.tv.tiny-toons," the newsgroup for "Tiny Toon 

AYPWIP      - "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"  A common 
            question asked by Brain from "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and 
            The Brain."

bah         - Indicates something unfair or contrary to what the 
            person wanted.

BAK         - "Back at keyboard."

bbiaf       - (I will) "be back in a few" (minutes).

bbl         - (I will) "be back later."

bbs         - (I will) "be back soon."

b/c         - "Because."

bf          - "Boy friend."

BFG9000     - "Big f***ing gun 9000."  A weapon from the game "Doom" 
            and seen as "BFG10000" in "Doom 2".  In Doom it destroys 
            just about everyone on screen, and in Doom 2 it kills
            almost everyone within a loooooooong distance.

BFN         - "Bye for now."

BGF         - "Boys, go fig!"

biteme      - "Bite me!"  Said by someone to a person that has 
            annoyed him/her, usually in the form "biteme!"

bitey       - An adjective describing someone who likes to bite, or a 
            person who is mean, or someone/something that is being 
            difficult, or something that is not working.

blee        - An interjection indicating something disgusting, bad, 
            or icky.

bleh, bleugh - An interjection indicating something yucky or bad.  
            (Less intense than "blee.")

BRB         - (I will) "be right back."

BTAS        - "Batman: The Animated Series."

BTW         - "By the way."

Cartoon Network - Time Warner television channel that airs WB and 
            Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

C&D         - "Cease and desist," a cease and desist letter from a 
            company ordering the recipient to stop doing what they 
            say violates their civil rights (usually copyright).

Channel Founder - A person who registered a channel and set the 
            choices and options that they wanted.  A channel founder 
            has the most control over how they want their channel 

ChanOp      - A "Channel Operator," which is a person with ops.

ChanServ    - IRC's "Channel Server" allows users who have registered 
            their nicknames with NickServ to keep channels registered 
            with the choices and options that they want.  ChanServ 
            keeps a channel's settings even when no one is in the 
            channel, and ChanServ automatically will op people who 
            join the channel that the channel founder or SOPs want 
            op-ed and will ban people that the founder or the ops 
            have banned.  Type in "/msg chanserv help" for more 
            information while on IRC.

character   - The "person" inside the channel interacting with the 
            other characters.  What character they are is determined 
            by the nickname they're using when they join the channel.
            See "player" for comparison.

Chez(nickname) - The house of the person in real life.

CN          - "Cartoon Network."  A Time Warner television channel 
            that airs WB and Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

DIWK?       - "Do I wanna know?"

d'oh!       - An interjection indicating a mistake.

Dr. SNS     - Doctor Scratchansniff, a character from "Animaniacs."

DYN         - "Did you notice...?"

EG          - Evil grin.

egad        - An interjection commonly used by Pinky from "Animaniacs" 
            and "Pinky and The Brain."

ehap        - Originally a typo of "whap," it means to hit or smack 
            with one's tail.

F!          - "Freakazoid!"

faboo       - A word used by Wakko on "Animaniacs" to indicate 
            something really fun, cool, or good.

FAQ         - "Frequently Asked Questions," usually a document 
            containing answers to questions about whatever it's a FAQ 

fjord       - A stream, really, but in this case, it's used as an 
            interjection by Pinky from "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and 
            the Brain."

fnar        - "For no apparent reason."

Freakazoid! - A cartoon show produced by WBA and currently airing in 
            reruns on Cartoon Network.  "Freakazoid!" tells the 
            adventures of a geeky computer nerd named Dexter Douglas 
            who is turned into a wacky "freakazoid" with super-powers.

fsr         - "For some reason."

fssr        - "For some strange reason."

fthoi       - "For the h*** of it."

FWIW        - "For what it's worth."

<g>, *g*    - Grin.

gf          - "Girl friend."

GMTA        - "Great minds think alike."

GPF         - "General Protection Fault."  It's when a program tries 
            to access memory it's not "allowed" to on machines with

harf        - To cough up a hairball or vomit, or to be bad or suck, 
            or to malfunction.

HD          - "Hard drive."

HDD         - "Hard disk drive."

HelpServ    - IRC's "Help Service" provides the standard ircII help 
            service.  Type "/msg helpserv help" for more information 
            while on IRC.

HFB         - "Happy fun bouncy."

HM          - "House-mate."

IDNKT       - "I did not know that."

IDNTS       - "I do not think so."

IDTS        - "I don't think so."

IDWK        - "I don't wanna know."  See also IDWTK, YDWK, YDWTK, 
            and DIWK?

IDWTK       - "I don't want to know."

IIRC        - "If I recall correctly."

IKWYM       - "I know what you mean."

IMHO        - "In my humble opinion."

IMNSHO      - "In my not-so-humble opinion."

IMO         - "In my opinion."

INGSI       - "I'm not gonna say it."

IRC         - "Internet Relay Chat" is a form of chatting on-line 
            with other people from around the world by connecting to 
            an IRC server using a program for IRC.  Servers are often 
            linked together to create IRC 'networks' where a person 
            on one server can communicate with a person on any other 
            server on that network.  There are several IRC networks, 
            such as EFnet, DALnet, WTnet, etc.

IRC-admin   - The "IRC administrator" is a person who has access to 
            all files concerning IRCd.

IRCd        - "Internet Relay Chat Daemon."  The IRC software that 
            each server runs.

IRCops      - IRC's "IRC Operators" offer assistance with services 
            and IRC questions, help manage problem behavior, and 
            maintain network stability.  Their privileges are given 
            to them by an IRC-admin.

IRDWK       - "I REALLY don't wanna know."

IRL         - "In real life."

ITA         - "I totally agree."

iykwim      - "If you know what I mean."

jfthoi      - "Just for the h*** of it."

jk, j/k     - "Just kidding."

Kids' WB!   - Warner Brother's children programming service, which 
            carries such shows as "Animaniacs," "Pinky and the 
            Brain," "Superman," "Batman," and others.

KWB         - "Kids' WB!" 

LDR         - "Long distance relationship."

LMAO        - "Laughing my a** off."

LOL         - "Laugh(ing) out loud."

LT          - "Looney Tunes."

LTNS        - "Long time, no see!"

MEAB        - "My Eyes Are Burning!," a form of "jinx!" here.  
            MEAB! is what is said when one person and another say (or 
            do) the same thing at the same time.  It doesn't apply to 
            greetings or farewells.

meef        - A word a squirrel might say.

MemoServ    - IRC's "Message Server" allows users who have registered 
            their nicknames with NickServ to send short memos to 
            other users, even when the other user is off-line.  Also, 
            users can send memos to registered channels, and it will 
            go to the ops and founder of the channel.  Type in "/msg 
            memoserv help" for more information while on IRC.

mewf        - A sound from a cat.

MGE         - "*Mwah* Goodnight Everybody!," used when someone says 
            something rather lewd.  Said by Yakko from "Animaniacs" 

MM          - "Merrie Melodies."

naf         - "Nice and fuzzy," something really fun, cool, or good.

narf        - An interjection commonly used by Pinky from 
            "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain."  "Narf" does not 
            stand for anything.  The word originates from a WBA 
            animator named Eddie Fitzgerald who would say "narf" in 
            real life.

nas         - "Nod(s) and smile(s)," used when a person doesn't 
            understand but doesn't really care anyway.

netsplit   - When a server becomes overloaded for one reason or 
            another, or a major network hub temporarily goes down.  
            People on opposite sides of the split get separated from 
            each other, and usually the connection freezes until a 
            new route can be found or until the network just dumps 
            all connections trying to be routed that way.

NickServ    - IRC's "Nickname Server" will register a nickname for a 
            person which then prevents other people from being able 
            to use that nickname.  Registering a nickname allows a 
            user to register a channel with ChanServ, and also allows 
            them to send and receive memos with MemoServ.  Type in 
            "/msg nickserv help" for more information while on IRC.

NIDNTS      - "No I do not think so."

nnaf        - "Not nice and fuzzy," something not naf.

np, n/p     - "No problem."

NRotS       - "Newsreel of the Stars."

nutbunnies! - An interjection used by Freakazoid, indicating 
            something happened contrary to what was wanted.

NWIH        - "No way in h***."

OBTW        - "Oh, by the way..."

OFF         - "Our Favorite Family," meaning the "Simpsons."

OIC         - (Pronounce the letters out loud.)  "Oh I see."

okkay       - Okay.  "And remember: Yakko spelt backwards is Okkay!"

Op          - An "operator" is a person with some degree of control 
            over a channel.  In a channel, op status is indicated by 
            an @ symbol before the person's nick.  An Op can kick or 
            ban people, change the topic, or do other fun stuff.  How 
            much an Op can do is determined by what settings the 
            channel founder set.

OperServ    - IRC's "Operator Service" can only be accessed by 
            IRCops, and provides commands not provided in the other 

OTOH        - "On the other hand..."

PaTB, P&tB  - "Pinky and the Brain."

pb, p/b     - "Potty break."

peepsk      - A fun word.

ping        - To send out a command that reports how much lag exists 
            between the sender and someone else.  Pinging is done by 
            typing "/ctcp ping nick," or to ping an entire channel, 
            type "/ctcp ping #channel."  The sender then receives a 
            ping reply.

ping reply  - A ping reply shows how much lag there is between two 
            computers.  The reply is sent back in seconds.  If the 
            number of seconds is high, then either the sender or the 
            other person is lagged.  See also "pong."

Pinky and the Brain - A spin-off show from "Animaniacs," about the 
            adventures of two lab mice who try to take over the world 
            in a different way each episode--and never quite get it. 

player      - The person (sitting behind the computer) in real life.
            See "character" for comparison.

poit        - An interjection used by Pinky on "Animaniacs" and 
            "Pinky and the Brain."  "Poit" does not stand for 

pong        - A "pong" can be sent with a ping reply.  IRC programs 
            can be set to send an automatic reply when someone pings 
            them, and in this case, the reply is generally something 
            from IRC or elsewhere that is witty, humorous, or 
            humorously disgusting.

pong!       - Someone thinks that something someone said is 
            disgusting or witty enough to be put in a pong file.

pong file   - The file people use to put their pongs in.

ppl         - "People."

PPPGALF     - "Please Please Please Get A Life Foundation."  The 
            "Animaniacs" cartoon short inspired from reading 
            Animaniacs fan documents like the CRGA and POIT.  The 
            PPPGALF is an imaginary program for fans obsessed with 
            pointless Animaniacs trivia and whose lives revolve around 
            nit-picking Animaniacs.  Alt.tv.animaniacs is humorously 
            considered the PPPGALF, but actually is the root of it.

ptlp        - Spotspeak for Portland, Oregon.

Re          - A greeting for when a person returns.  (Literally, 
              "repeat hi.")

regged      - "Registered."

RFC         - "Really F***ing Cranky."

RL          - "Real life."

ROFL        - "Rolling on (the) floor laughing."

ROTFL       - "Rolling on the floor laughing."

ROTFLMAO    - "Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off."

RP          - "Roleplay(ing)."

RTFM        - "Read The F***ing Manual."

RTMS        - "Related To Masem Somehow."  Includes Katie, Dot, and 

<s>, *s*    - Smile.

S&TM, SATM  - The "Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries."

segfault    - It's when a program tries to access memory it's not 
            "allowed" to on machines with Unix.

server      - A server is the address that connects a person to IRC.  
            There are many addresses that can be used to connect to 
            IRC.  Which server is chosen effects what network the 
            user connects to.  For example, if one would like to 
            connect to IRC on the DALnet, they could use 
            "irc.dal.net" which will put them on a random DALnet 
            server.  If one wanted to connect to a specific server on 
            DALnet, like Spider, they would use "spider.dal.net".

services    - User services provided on IRC for anyone, which may 
            include NickServ, ChanServ, HelpServ, MemoServ, and 

skritch     - To scratch a character in a nice/caring way, like one 
            would a pet.

smore       - "Some more."

Snaf        - "Sleep nice and fuzzy," said when a person leaves to go 
            to sleep.

snog        - To kiss with the tongue, like a 'French kiss.'  A 
            British word.

SO          - "Significant Other," meaning a boyfriend, girlfriend, 
            or spouse.

SOP         - A "super operator" is a person who is automatically 
            op-ed by ChanServ when they enter the channel.  How much 
            a person can do with SOPs is decided by the Channel 
            Founder.  A SOP can make people AOPs, and are more 
            powerful than AOPs.

split       - See "netsplit."

spot        - spot is a former #wt regular whose typos and 
            abbreviations (known as "spotspeak") contributed greatly 
            to the words and abbreviations.

spotspeak   - A set of abbreviations and typoed words used by spot, 
            that became the basis for this dictionary.  Also common 
            to spotspeak is an abnormal use of the letter q in place 
            of c or k sounds.  Check out The Spotspeaq List at 

spotspeaq   - "Spotspeak" in spotspeak.  See "spotspeak."

tfs         - "Thanks for sharing," said sarcastically.  Used when 
            someone says something not particularly tactful.

thbpht      - An interjection, used to verbally represent a 
            "raspberry;" a spitting noise made with the tongue. Used 
            to insult or brush off a disliked person or statement.

Tiny Toon Adventures - WB's re-entry into the animation business (it 
            premiered in 1990), a show featuring younger versions of 
            the classic Looney Tunes characters, and set in Acme 
            Acres.  It was, in many ways, the precursor to 
            "Animaniacs," and went out of production in 1992 to make 
            way for it.

TiTeeth     - Wakko's titanium teeth.

tmi         - "Too much information."

TMS         - "Tokyo Movie Shinsha," an excellent animation company.

*TONK*      - The sound KinkyTurtle's shell makes when someone pokes 

TRM         - "That reminds me."

TTA         - "Tiny Toon Adventures."

TTFN        - "Ta-ta for now."

TTYL        - "Talk to you later."

TVV         - "The Variable Verse."  The third to the last line in 
            the "Animaniacs" theme song, like "Here's the show's 

twmptu      - "That was more pointless than usual."

twp         - "That was pointless."

Usenet      - The collection of news servers that send posts from 
            newsgroups to each other.

vhialthe    - spotspeak for "chocolate."

vnaf        - "Very nice and fuzzy," something very fun, cool, or 

warez       - Pirated software.

warezd00d   - A derogatory term for self-styled piracy-elitists who 
            tend to go by "kewl" names like WaReZdo0d and have a 
            "kewl" terminology, like "kewl."

WarnerSpeak - A made-up language used in the past at 
            alt.tv.animaniacs.  WarnerSpeak is written in CVCCV 
            (Consonant - Vowel - Consonant - Consonant - Vowel) form.  
            For more information, go to:  

WB          - As a greeting: "Welcome back."  Otherwise: "Warner 

WBA         - "Warner Brothers Animation."

WBSS        - "Warner Brothers Studio Store."

WBWP        - "Warner Brothers Worldwide Publishing."

WDTA        - "Whoa, dumber than advertised!"

whee, woohoo - Indicates something fun, cool, or good.

WRT         - "With regards to."

WTDM        - "Way too d*** much."

WTF         - "What the f***."

WTH         - "What the h***."

wtmi        - "Way too much information."

WunnePekke  - "WarnerSpeak" in WarnerSpeak.  See "WarnerSpeak." 

wwtmi       - "Way WAY too much information!"

YASM        - "You ALL scare me!"

YBSM        - "You beyond scare me!"  An intense version of YSM.

yeeg        - Indicates something yucky, bad, or pathetically stupid.

yeep        - An expression of surprise.

Yen Sid     - (Read it backwards.)  "Disney."

yerf        - A word a fox might say.

yiep!       - An expression of surprise.

yiff        - Sexual intercourse, or a word a fox might say.

yiffy       - Sexually aroused.

yig-ped     - A word KinkyTurtle might say.

yip         - A word a fox might say.

YKYBWTMAW   - "You know you've been watching too much Animaniacs 

YMMV        - "Your mileage may vary."  Means that whatever the 
            person is talking about may be different for someone else.

YPSM        - "You people scare me."

YRSM        - "You REALLY scare me."

YSM         - "You scare me!"  See also YASM, YBSM, YPSM, and YRSM.

YW&D        - "Yakko, Wakko, and Dot."  The main stars of the show 

zort        - An interjection commonly used by Pinky from 
            "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain" that does not 
            stand for or mean anything.

zounds      - An interjection commonly used by Pinky from 
            "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain."


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