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Who are the voices behind Animaniacs? The Internet Movie Database has a nice list of the cast and crew, and if you want to get even more specific the Animaniacs Cast List from 1995 is another good place to look.


Nikka's Animaniacs Voice Actor Pictures


Internet Movie Database - it's not just for movies anymore


Voice Chasers - a database of voice actors


Voice Actor Page - same here


Suzanne Smiley's E-mail Interview with Rob Paulsen - October 7, 1998


Suzanne Smiley's English research paper, entitled "The Invisible Actors" - October 8, 1998


Mills College Weekly interview with Rob Paulsen - March 14, 1997


Animaniacs Voice Artists Live - KWB Online - May 17, 1996


Interview with Rob Paulsen - Mid-1996


KTEH Interview of Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche - May 5, 1996


Nickelodeon Magazine Interview of Tom Ruegger, Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille - May 1996 Issue


Rob Paulsen Chat - March 19, 1994


Rob Paulsen Chat - Before the fall of 1995


Rob Paulsen and Jess Harnell Chat - August 30, 1995


Neat little page on Rob Paulsen


Neat little page on Maurice LaMarche


Voices On-screen Interviews, Cameos & Entertainment (VOICE) - February 1996


List About Rob's Roles Yay! (LARRY) - December 1995


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